Australian Alps, Victoria
Location Profile

The Australian Alps is a spectacular and unique habitat for plants and animals that are endemic to this environment. Over millions of years, flora and fauna have evolved with continuous climate and geomorphologic changes to live efficiently within the alpine ecosystems. The climate in the High Country is drastically different from the climate of the surrounding lowlands, caused by a corresponding decrease in air temperature with increasing altitude.

Working in blueberries in December-January means working in the heat and under a blazing sun. Winter in Australia is the hot season. Payments for berry picking pickers are based on weight. So the faster the picker, the more fruit they will collect and the more money will be paid. Conversely, the slower the picker, the less pay.

50kg corresponds to a person harvesting at a normal pace. For someone who has never harvested before, reaching 50kg a day may be a daunting task, more so under a blazing sun. All the beginners advance slowly, only a third of the team usually reach this level.

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