Character Profile

Recently turned 18, baby-faced Finn has been dreaming about a journey Downunder since he was in primary school. To save the money for the trip, Finn worked for four years stacking shelves at his local supermarket after school and working on his uncle's farm during the Summer. ``As soon as I turned eighteen, I applied for the visa, as soon as it was approved. I was gone,`` says Finn.

Finn has been living in Northern Queensland since arriving in Australia, diving on the Great Barrier Reef every chance he gets.

His father James says he’s proud of Finns’ efforts and so far has no trouble despite his younger-looking appearance. “He’s always been quite a spirited lad. I think he’s used to people underestimating him as he looks quite young for his age. He always proves them wrong.”

A major drawcard for Finn is Australia’s infamous wildlife. ”The deadly animals don’t scare me.” says Finn. “ I live and breathe yer man Steve Irwin. Have done since I was six. He’s a bloody hero. The sun and the heat, that’s the only thing that worries me.”

When asked about farm work, Finn is confident. “I’ve never been afraid of hard work; used to work mending fences on my uncle farm every summer. I’m really hoping I can make my 88 days on an animal sanctuary. Is that possible? I don’t know.”

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