Cairns, Queensland
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Summer in Queensland can be cruel, with violent thunderstorms, murderous mosquitos, and brain-deadening heat that makes you want to rip your face off. The constant sunshine, on the other hand, means self-justified consumption of cold beer, excessive beach lounging, and – most crucially – an abundance of delicious, fat, dripping mangoes.

The farm of Alf Poefinger produces 12 tonnes of mangoes, which are dried, converted into ice cream, jams, chutneys, and juice, and sold fresh from the shop.

“Mangoes are one of the nicest fruits I’ve ever tasted,” Alf says. Kensington Pride, a local mango variety, is still considered the gold standard by him. All of the mangoes on Alf’s farm are hand-picked, which sounds like fun – picking mangoes in the sunshine! – but Alf has a few warnings.

It can be harmful, according to Alf. “When you pick a mango, it has pressure within, especially on a hot day.” Sap can be sprayed up to two metres away. It has the potential to burn. If it gets into your eyes, you’ve got a serious problem.”

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