Farm Girl
Character Profile

Brynn is a fourth-generation farmer from Denbighshire, Wales. Growing up on a farm in a family of six is all she's known. When her mother died six years ago, Brynn's responsibilities on the farm increased. Wanting a change, Brynn decided to take a two-year working holiday in Australia. ``I've been on the farm all my life. Do I love it? I mean, it's all I know, like?.`` Brynn arrived in Brisbane eight months ago, slowly travelling south to Tasmania.

“I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to getting back on a farm. It might make me homesick.”  Brynn says smiling. “But I’m not scared of the work.”

Proud father Alan encouraged Brynn to take the trip to Australia. “Do we miss her? Of course,” says Brynn’s father Alwyn, “Around the farm and also in our family. Since her mummy died, we have become much closer as a family. But she needs to experience the world. The farm will still be here when she returns, and so will we. I’ve spent my whole life here, the furthest I’ve been is Newquay for my honeymoon with my late wife. I don’t want that for her.”

Since arriving in Australia untethered and free from family restraints, Brynn has been indulging in a few of life delights, sampling some of Australia’s rarer fruits.

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