Geordie Girls
Character Profile

For the last eight months, Geordie girls Ava, Amelia and Ivy have been living the pleasured life in Sydney’s affluent Northern Beaches. With their visa deadline fast approaching, the girls have to decide whether they want to stay on. That means switching bikinis for high vis, heels for steel caps and the glamorous Sydney vistas for life on the farm.

“ I’m not a farm girl.” Ava tells us, “ I need my eight hours sleep, I need a shower, and I’m not putting my hands near anything that’ll damage a $300 manicure.”

When asked how she thought she would complete the 88 days, Ava sounds confident. ”I don’t think everyone needs to be on the farm doing the labour, to be honest. I can help them with their social media from an airconditioned office.”

Amelia has taken a more practical approach. “Get in, get dirty and get out.” She says, “ I’ve heard it’s tough to work, but I think that if you go in thinking it’s going to be a horrible experience, it’s likely to be horrible.”

Adamant that she wants to stay in Australia, Amelia is willing to do whatever it takes to stay here long term.

“End of the day, I want to be in Australia permanently. If I have to work on a farm for a couple of weeks, I’ll do that. Might find myself a handsome Australian farmer and only have to work a cheeky half-day. I’ll do that too.”

Ivy’s approach is less opportunistic and far less positive. “This is going to be utter shite.”

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