Hooray Henry
Character Profile

Handsome, brash, loud-mouthed, and upper-class Cameron is a package...of sorts. For Cameron life has been one with no expense spared. Rubbing shoulders with the UK’s elite families.

Cameron came to Melbourne three months ago with the intention of rowing for the Australian national squad.

“To be completely honest, I arrived in Melbourne and went right to work on the boats. I injured my ACL and while in recovery completely lost love for the sport. I became terribly miserable.”

Not wanting to head straight back home, Cameron is hoping a sabbatical in regional Australia will reignite his former passion and extend his visa- but this means he will have to get his hands dirty.

I can’t understand the fuss about it. To be perfectly honest I think people tend to over exaggerate. Take fruit from the tree and put it in a bucket. How hard can it be?”

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