Machiavellian Careerist
Character Profile

Account Executive Hannah has been living the corporate high life in Sydney for the last ten months. She moved to Australia following a lucrative job offer. Unfortunately for Hannah, the company's offer was too good to be true and became insolvent, their promise of visa sponsorship evaporating along with it.

“Devastated, of course. I left a well-paying job in London, and after ten months of being here, I’m out on my tits on the Sydney streets.”

Determined to stay in Sydney and her visa soon to expire, she’s taken the most available option to her.

“I’d be lying if I said I was excited to pick fruit in some whoop-whoop, Australian, backwater town. So I’m not going to lie. I see it as short term pain for a long term gain. I hate bananas though, if I end up on a banana farm, I’ll go straight up mental.“

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