Margaret River, Western Australia
Location Profile

Margaret River is one of Australia’s largest wine areas, with over 200 vineyards and producing more than 25% of the country’s premium wine. It’s also known as a world-class big-wave surfing destination, and its tremendous range of exquisite produce attracts many top-rated chefs.

Margaret River is a town that is synonymous with backpacker regional work. Be it grape picking in summer or vine pruning jobs in winter, there is a demand for casual labour pretty much all year round.

Many vineyard owners find it difficult to maintain a full-time crew, especially during slower times in the season. Workers will handle every facet of the viticultural process – from netting, handpicking, pruning to budgeting, planning and reporting.

You will get wet

  1. Your body will ache in places you never knew it could
  2. You will see vines and canes in your sleep
  3. It will be all you talk about
  4. You will learn more about winemaking than you thought you would
  5. You will become a wine snob

Vine pruning takes place in winter. Ahh, winter in Australia can’t be that bad, right? Not as bad as the U.K.! Well, that’s both true and false.

Scenes to expect