Kai and Galen
Character Profile

Kai and Galen met during their final year of fine arts at Goldsmith’s University. They have been in a relationship for two years, which evolved into a non-binary polyamorous relationship six months ago.

“Working on a farm doesn’t bother me. I feel it will make our relationship even stronger,” says 25-year-old Galen. “The only challenges I feel we’ll encounter are the arcane conservative social views that many Australians hold.”

Kai has family in Australia and can’t wait to reconnect with old acquaintances. “ I love Australia…” says Kai, “ I spent three months in Byron Bay just before starting University. It was a really liberating experience for me. Lots of the healthy, hot and handsome.”

How they feels about farm work is less enthusiastic. “I feel like the whole concept of working on a farm reinforces three things that disturb me. Capitalism, the patriarchy and colonialism. I aim to work in revegetation and learn traditional methods from indigenous farmers.”

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