The Lads
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Childhood friends Jack and Howard have shared a lot of their early life together in school, rugby clubs and on more than one occasion- ex-girlfriends.

A lust for life and an appetite for adventure the lifelong friends set their collective gaze on a trip down under eleven months ago. One last hoorah before they commit to a 9-5 in the city and settle down.

“We’ve done almost everything together”, says Jack. “We went to different Universities. That was the longest we’ve not been around one another. We’d still catch up on the lash on the weekends, mind you.”

The boys have been living large on the Gold Coast for the last eleven months, but a combination of depleting funds, expiring visas and general party fatigue has meant the lifestyle they loved is temporarily on hold. Their Gold Coast party house by the beach will soon be replaced by a shared house in the middle of a dry, Australian paddock.

“The last year has been absolutely mental. It’s been great! Picking up fit birds. I love Australia, I feel like the Gold Coast is my spiritual home.”

“Coming here was all about letting loose, having a great time and sowing wild oats before we settle down and get serious about life.”

James says.

”I don’t think I’ve many oats left at this point, mind you.” Howard quips.

Wild oats aren’t the only seeds Jack and Howard will be sowing down under. When asked how they feel about farm work in Australia, both Jack and Alan are optimistic. “ I feel a bit of hard work away from the Gold Coast parties will be a welcome break,” says Jack.

“I’m not afraid of a bit of hard work,” adds Alan. “I am afraid of spiders and snakes though, so I’m not sure how I’ll do a full day if there are spiders flippin up my chops. I see a snake or a spider. I’m out. I’ll walk straight off the farm and into the outback if I have to. I’d rather die of heat exhaustion than that shite.”

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